We first met Ann Cooper on a video shoot for Whole Foods Market.  Safe to say it was love at first site.  It was fascinating to watch her, on the fly, distill a fact heavy script into a rich passionate narrative uniting her and Whole Foods missions, as much as possible.  As we reset locations in between episodes she relentlessly answered, emails, calls, inquiries, and later confessed that she does not go to sleep without responding to all the days queries.  Truly a tireless pioneer leading the charge for healthy school lunch reform, we have been honored to have created over 60 videos together.

Change School Lunch

This video gains perspective from multiple stakeholders; moms, an activist, a school principle, and Ann herself.  We weave together their messages into one arc which presents the overarching need for school lunch reform.


Harlem Promise School

The Harlem Promise School is located in The Harlem Children’s Zone (HCZ). HCZ provides free support for children and families in the form of parenting workshops, a pre-school program, three public charter schools, and child-oriented health programs.  The value of healthy school lunches, is told through the voices of these impressive bright young students, dedicated staff, and Ann Cooper.


What’s in your Lunchbox

For this video we told the arch of Ann’s message through the voice of those most affected by the initiative, the children.  The project began by scripting the message as told by a 2nd grader.  Our friend and outstanding illustrator Brad Haubrich created detailed layered illustrations which define the worlds and characters for this vignette.  An original score was developed and hours of animation proceeded.  The final PSA was used to spread Ann’s message through a PR campaign pressuring congress to renew the National School Lunch Act.


Chocolate Milk

This is one of a handful of viral marketing shorts we created on some of Ann’s favorite topics.  After hearing an interview with Ann on NPR is which she proclaimed “to me chocolate milk is basically soda in drag” with thought it wise to add visuals to the colorful statement.


The work that Ann and Beth and their foundation are dedicated to, is truly invaluable.  Please visit their sites, get involved, and help make the change!

F3 Foundation – Founded by Chef Ann Cooper, the Food Family Farming Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization created to empower schools to serve nutritious whole food to all students.

The Lunch Box – The Lunch Box is an online toolkit with Healthy Tools For All Schools, packed with solutions at your fingertips. Use any of these free tools to transform your school food into healthy and delicious food for all children, at every school.