We first began working with Whole Foods Market as they were revamping their web presence and entering the world of social media. In fact our first order of business involved the creation of the WFM widget, which aggregated their podcast and blog posts RSS feeds.  The extension of their brand into a social environ gave their customers access to the wide breath of knowledge of their in-store experts.

As they launched their Whole Body blog we ran an ongoing outreach campaign nurturing relationships with key bloggers in the Mom, Parent, and Green category. Campaigns were mutually beneficial to both the bloggers and WFM in terms of SEO, exposure, and association. Messaging extended monthly in-store campaigns to the extended audience of the key influencer networks.

As well as social media outreach and management we also created over 20 videos for both online and in-store use.

Holiday Video Series

For this video series we worked with Top Chef Winner Hosea Rosenberg, to create 8 videos highlighting holiday tips. Shot in Colorado over just two days, it was fun to watch Hosea’s humor come out as the hours wore on. The videos were tied in with a direct outreach campaign, in which we garnered blog, and web coverage, exposing the content to their core customer base and the larger web audience.




Back to School Campaign

WFM created a Back to School campaign to feature products helpful to parents and kids returning to school life after summer break.  A social campaign was the logical way to reach parents who were still on their summer vacations or busy preparing for the school year.  WFM decided to include a video and podcast series and push an in-store/online fundraising directive to raise capital for a joint venture partnership with Chef Ann Cooper and her F3 foundation’s healthy school lunch initiative.  We produced, shot, edited and launched the video campaign in one long week, then began outreach.  Mom and parent bloggers were eager to lend their words, and ultimately the fundraising goal of $250,000 exceeded $800,000.




Social Media Management/New PR

The WFM “Whole Body” department provides life quality products such as supplements, skin care, cleansing, heart health, and body care.  For over 3 and a half years we handled the social media outreach for Whole Body, cross promoting podcasts, videos, blog posts, and featured product specials.  Over that time we leveraged strong relationships with key influencers, and ran promotions which featured a blend product awareness, reviews and giveaways.  We extended  the brand to a new audience by encouraging people to read, listen, engage, and comment on topical materials. Running over 50 campaigns introduced us to an amazing subset of featured product vendors.